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Home DVD Backup for Mac

Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac


Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac provides a good way for Mac users to copy and backup DVD movies to DVD disc or hard drive as DVD folder, ISO, .dvdmedia or Apple devices compatible video files in Mac OS X. And it can legally remove DVD CSS, RC and REC protection.

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Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac Description

DVDs scratch, they get old, they get lost, borrowed, stolen, etc. The bottom line is that while your favorite films are still locked only on that flimsy little disc and not safely stored digitally on your hard drive--they're very vulnerable. Luckily, Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac is a powerful DVD Copy software toolthat gives you even more format choices for DVD ripping, burning and video coversion. Also split, merge or compress DVD movies to and from DVD9 to DVD5 quickly and easily.

Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac Features

1. Much More Input Options: Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac supports diverse input resources. Besides backing up various DVD movies with CSS, RC or RCE protection to DVD, it can also burn Video_TS folder, ISO image files and .dvdmedia files to a new blank DVD disc easily on your Mac for play on regular home DVD players, vehicle DVD players or TV.
2. Absolutely Free to Customize Copy Modes: This Mac DVD backup tool offers enough freedom for all DVD movie lovers to like you to back up your favorite DVD movies in a personalized way. Four different copy modes: Main movie, Full movies, Customized movies and Copy movies with No Menu are provided to let you copy the exact movie part you want. What’s more, you can select the subtitle and audio track you like in the Customized copy mode. Plus, you can copy D9 to D9, copy D5 to D5, split a DVD9 movie into 2 DVD5 by simply selecting the Split Copy in the copy mode option item or compress a DVD9 movie into a DVD5 disc.
3. Multiple Output Options: You have several output options to save your movies. Amazing? That’s what Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac offers. You can copy your DVD movies to a new DVD disc for backup, save them onto your local computer hard drive as DVD Video_TS folder, ISO files or .dvdmedia files for convenient playback without the DVD disc. And it also serves as a DVD converter to let you export any DVD movie to video files with optimized settings to fit your portable media players like iPhone, iPad, iPod and some other multimedia devices.

Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac Review

Support copying DVD disc, DVD folder, ISO file and .dvd media
Provide four customized copy modes
Save DVD to DVD disc, DVD folder, ISO file or .dvdmedia
Convert DVD to iPhone, iPad and iPod
Split DVD9 to 2 DVD5 or compresses DVD9 to DVD5
It can only copy DVDs to videos that are compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod.